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All new Lamborghini Revuelto

Written by dinzoreadmin

March 30, 2023


Lamborghini finally revealed their next flagship supercar, replacing the legendary Aventador. The car, known by the code name LB744, is now officially called the Revuelto.

What does Revuelto mean?

Well, Lamborghini used to name their cars in Spanish fighting bull names, and the Revuelto is the name of a famous fighting bull. Additionally, Revuelto is the Spanish word for “scrambled eggs” or “mixed together.”

Driving Modes

The Revuelto offers three driving modes. The Cittah mode allows you to drive in electric mode in the city by switching the engine off and using the electric motors that give 180 hp. The Strada hybrid mode combines the V12 engine and the motors to provide 886 hp. The Sports recharge mode is where the engine outputs 907 hp. Finally, the Corsa performance mode gives you all 1015 hp to play with, which is 15 hp more than the Ferrari SF90.

Engine and Performance

Now, let’s talk about the engine. The Revuelto is a plug-in hybrid with a 6.5-litre naturally aspirated V12 engine and three electric motors. This system can produce a whopping 1015 horsepower, making the Revuelto the most powerful Lamborghini ever made. This will also be the first Lamborghini with fully electric low-speed cruising. The updated V12 engine is 17kg lighter and produces 825 horsepower at 9250 rpm, hitting the redline at 9500 rpm. As Lamborghini “mixed together” the internal combustion engine with electric power, there is an electric motor at the back to help drive the rear wheels and two electric motors to drive the front wheels independently.

Lamborghini claims that the Revuelto can reach 0-60 mph in 2.5 seconds and has a top speed of 270 mph.

Revuelto engine


The Lamborghini Revuelto has a dual-clutch automatic gearbox with a specialized big red button for the launch control.


How much is it weighing ?

Since the Revuelto is a plug-in hybrid, it is much heavier. However, the new carbon fiber chassis and carbon fiber subframe saved a small amount of weight. This new subframe is also stiffer than the previous aluminum one. With a power-to-weight ratio of 1.75 kilograms per horsepower, we can calculate the weight as 1780 kg, which is quite heavy for a supercar.


Lamborghini claims that the Revuelto can reach 0-60 mph in 2.5 seconds and has a top speed of 270 mph. Moving on to the interior, Lamborghini says that the Revuelto has more legroom and headroom than the Aventador. The infotainment system is modified into an 8-inch portrait touchscreen in the center console. There is also a 12-inch digital driver display and a 9-inch landscape screen for the passenger. The company says there are more than 70 color options for the interior.

revuelto interior

Lamborghini has not mentioned the price of the Revuelto yet, but there are rumours that it might cost around 450,000 pounds.

Overall, the Lamborghini Revuelto is an impressive car with its hybrid engine, multiple driving modes, and powerful performance. We can’t wait to see it in action!

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